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Drawing and Talking


What is Drawing & Talking?


Drawing & Talking is an intervention that allows children to discover and communicate their emotions and needs.  It supports them gently and in a non-intrusive way to process anxiety, loss, trauma and/or health issues they may be experiencing. 


It is an alternative to CBT and direct talking therapies which some children can find confronting or limiting in the processing of their issues. In Drawing & Talking children can often express in a visual way worries and preoccupations that they are not able to (or do not feel ready to) talk about.  Drawing and Talking Therapy is designed to complement and be used alongside CAMHS and other specialist therapies.

Drawing and Talking allows individuals to discover and communicate emotions through a non-directed technique, setting it apart from existing solution-focused and cognitive-based therapies and interventions.  It is a person-centred therapeutic approach and adapts to each child and their particular needs.

At St John Fisher we have two staff who are trained Drawing & Talking practitioners.  Sessions will be for 30 minutes a week for a 12 week period.  If you are interested in your child taking part in Drawing & Talking then please contact


21st March 2024