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St John Fisher has given our boys a fantastic start to their school life. Now in Year 5 and 2, they both love school, have made fantastic friends and have developed into curious little learners and avid readers (something I never thought I’d be able to say!). It’s really important to us that our children are in an environment where they are happy and confident to be themselves. We knew that their learning would grow from there. St John Fisher is a safe, nurturing and positive place to be. Smiles going into and coming out of school…we couldn’t ask for more! 


Sasha and Tom Finch- October 2023



My children have all received an outstanding education at St John Fisher, and as a result have developed an immense love of learning and an ability to challenge themselves.  There is an opportunity for them to immerse themselves in a range of interests, from sports, to arts and music, and a wide range of roles within school life that teach them above and beyond the curriculum, such as Pupil Parliament, Oracy and Catholic Life Ambassadors. The school has an amazing community spirit and I am impressed with the level of pastoral care and the supportive environment that has helped them to build their confidence and characters. Their ability to explore their faith is nurtured and faith values are expressed in their daily school life.  The teaching staff are dedicated and passionate about teaching the children, and this shows in how much my children love their school life, and how they have been nurtured and respected throughout their time at St John Fisher.

***** (5 Stars)

Cris Conboy- October 2023



This school is the most incredible institution. I send both my children here, one in year 5 the other has just begun reception. The staff know the children as individuals and nurture all their needs. My eldest is always delighted to go to school every day and said she feels understood by her teachers, she's thriving. My youngest has just begun his journey and he's learning the ropes he has settled in beautifully.

Parents are always kept in the loop and this school is exceptional in every way from the Head to every single teacher we have encountered. I just wish that they would also be a secondary school as well!

***** (5 Stars)

Sophie Koczen- October 2023




My children have always been extremely happy here through their whole school learning journey.

The staff have supported my children in all areas of their development, pastorally and through their education, giving them key skills to become independent learners.

My son has just started High School and he is ready and this is down to the progressive curriculum given to him at St John Fisher, alongside all the skills he needs to be able to flourish at high school.

My children have always felt safe here and their faith has always been at the centre in all they do.

Thank you to the staff and families who attend this school, who have supported and made my children who they are today.

***** (5 Stars)

Louisa Hinds- October 2023



My son has enjoyed coming to school from his very first day, 6 short weeks ago. It starts from his teachers giant smile each morning. He talks about his peers, he subjects and what he has learnt each day. In 6 weeks he is already learning to read and write, he has even taught us, his parents about planets! St John Fisher is a very special family and I proud to say my son goes to SJF. My son is thriving since starting school, I believe this is the love and support from his teachers. I can’t thank these teachers enough for all their support. On Mondays and Thursdays Jack is delighted to get his yellow polo shirt for PE and even though it’s an early start with Karate, Wednesday is now is his favourite day. 

Katie Nestor - October 2022




As well as driving the National Curriculum which has been particularly challenging since the pandemic but extremely well managed; the school encourages sport activities and offers a variety of musical opportunities. We have access to an amazing team of staff who always put children first. Happy parents make happy children!!  My children enjoys going to school because of the teaching staff who create a wonderful environment for learning and development. The school offer a lot of additional activities and even ASC is fun. My son loves the PE activities and golden time too. School dinners are also a hit!!
Melanie Guinan - October 2022
The teachers are always helpful, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure my children progress in their learning. The staff have been always 100% kind and have listened/actioned any of our concerns. My children love going to school because they get to learn, play, make friends, do art, enjoy school lunch (especially pizza day), and above all, keep themselves busy and engaged with a variety of activities.
Tiby Parumannil Raj - October 2022