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School Curriculum Statement

Our vision and values at St John Fisher drive our curriculum;

St. John Fisher School provides a Catholic Education for all of its pupils. The Gospel values of Faith, Love, Hope, Trust, Forgiveness, Courage, Justice and Service are central to all that we do. They help ensure that all children are loved, feel secure and achieve. At St John Fisher we value the uniqueness of each individual and in so ensure that each child’s natural curiosity and ability to learn thrive and flourish. The school seeks to build upon the teaching started by parents and the Church and through this partnership continues the process of education. It is therefore the mission of St John Fisher that all children are:

‘Growing and Learning Together with Christ’


This Curriculum Intent has been developed with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the forefront. This convention establishes and builds shared values for Rights and how they are respected throughout the whole school. The UNCRC initiative firmly underpins the Vision and Mission statements, from which a culture and ethos is generated and supports the spiritual development of all involved in the community. Article 28 – Children have a right to an education.


Our curriculum provides access to a knowledge rich, progressive and purposeful curriculum where children are provided with opportunities to learn new information and where the teaching style allows for knowledge to embedded, remembered and recalled. Core skills are built on daily. This enables children to be: Spiritually enlightened, Mentally and emotionally happy, Culturally literate individuals with Social competence and Masters of core skills.  


Our Curriculum Model

At the centre of our curriculum, we have our St John Fisher Learner and the community the following circle shows Our curriculum drivers all stakeholders have identified these as key for our children’s development. Surrounding this, Our Gospel Values these permeate school Life. Faith, Love, Hope, Courage, Forgiveness, Justice and Service We aim to incorporate these values and their associated behaviours in all aspects of school life. The next layer shows the keys skills we are focused on mastering throughout each child’s educational journey. These underpin our curriculum at St John Fisher and are in Line with our commitment to providing a Catholic Education. These concepts are taught through a variety of interesting and exciting topics and themes.  Finally, the Outer edge shows that all learning is underpinned by Rich experiences. These experiences hold the curriculum together.


We are committed to enabling our children to be confident learners by developing a range of key learning skills: Creative thinking, Risk Taking, Self-managing, Perseverance and Collaboration. The curriculum provides for the development of skills, knowledge, understanding and values.  The child’s natural curiosity and powers of learning are developed and fostered through a range of rich experiences.


We aim to motivate and inspire pupils through high quality and creative teaching and learning which is innovative and aspires to use the most up to date methods, approaches and technology which also allows for knowledge to stick. At St John Fisher, we teach pupils to take responsibility for their own actions; children learn that they have choices and learn to evaluate the consequences of the choices they make.



We want our children to leave St John Fisher Spiritually enlightened, academically successful, mentally and emotionally happy and culturally literate individuals with social competence. We encourage all children to foster high aspirations and encourage positive self-esteem. We want our children to choose careers that enable them to demonstrate and share the Gospel values through their work as Leaders. All members of the school community, including pupils, staff, governors, parents and parish recognise that they hold a stake in St John Fisher Catholic Primary School; we are committed to establishing a life-long love of learning, enabling our children to take their place confidently within a rapidly changing world.


To find out more about our curriculum please contact the Headteacher Mrs Pignatiello via the school office:

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