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Art and Design: Curriculum Statement




Here at St John Fisher Catholic Primary school we offer a Catholic Education to all of our children.  We see the ‘Creative Arts’ as a vital part of a broad and balanced curriculum.  Participation and access in the arts for all children contributes to the successful development of our children as strong, confident learners who are able to interpret and contribute to the world around them.  The development of visual language produces, articulate, culturally literate critical thinkers who have an understanding of their own culture and cultures of others around the world.  We see the ‘Creative Arts’ as a medium that enriches our children’s lives, encourages self-expression and creativity.  Through our growth mindset culture, which encourage risk-taking which builds confidence, thereby, producing mentally and emotionally happy children who have a sense of individual identity.    




Our art curriculum provides a clear and comprehensive scheme of work that shows progression of skills across all key stages. A systematic approach to the development of artistic skills means that children are given opportunities to express their creative imagination, as well as practise and develop mastery in the cores skills and key processes of art: drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, collage, textiles, and digital media.  Pupils are taught about a culturally diverse range of artists, craft makers, designers and art movements across the school.  This ensures that the children understand the context of the artwork, as well as the artists they are learning about and being inspired by.  Through an understanding of the visual elements of art (line, tone, texture, colour, pattern, shape, 3D form) they will learn to develop a growth mindset, where they are able to think critically by discussing and evaluating their own and others work.  We see their artistic journey as a collaboration of creativity between the artists studied, the child, their peers and their teachers.   Sketchbooks are used frequently as a place for them to gather inspiration, explore art media, record responses, review artwork, make modifications and evaluate their work.  Sketchbooks are passed up to the next year group and they document the children’s creative journey throughout the whole school.  The school also promotes student voice in the arts through our ‘Arts Council’.  With the invitation to local artists and trips to Art galleries, the children are immersed in an arts rich curriculum at St John Fisher Catholic Primary school which has been previously recognised by an Arts Mark Gold award. 




The structure of the art curriculum ensures that children are able to develop their knowledge and understanding of the work of artists, craft makers and designers from a range of times and cultures and apply this knowledge to their own work.  The consistent use of children’s sketchbooks mean that children are able to review, modify and develop their initial ideas in order to achieve high quality outcomes.  Effective lesson sequencing and progression across year groups allows the children to refine and develop their techniques over time and between year groups.  This also supports the children in achieving age related expectations at the end of their cohort year.  Classroom and whole school displays reflect the children’s sense of pride in their artwork and this is also demonstrated by creative outcomes across the wider curriculum.  The school environment demonstrates the children’s achievements in art and the subjects high status in our school.  The Art curriculum in St John Fisher Catholic Primary school enables every child to fulfil their true potential and contributes to the development of all aspects of our children’s powers and personality.


The Leader for Art is Anita McHugh.