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Catholic Children's Society


St John Fisher welcomes support from CCS. The counsellors and therapists work with our pupils to help them come to terms with their difficulties, unburden themselves and address issues causing distress.  This may be due to a range of issues such as abuse, bereavement, neglect or domestic violence.

The sessions often use play therapy, or other creative arts therapies, to help explore the painful issues children struggle to communicate verbally.

As a result of these early intervention services our children develop greater resilience, are better able to cope and their emotional wellbeing significantly improves.

“Having someone to speak to about my problems has helped me so much… I’m calmer and don’t feel so sad anymore’’


By providing support at an early stage we give vulnerable children the tools they need to improve their mental health and unlock their full potential.  Ultimately this ensures they can overcome the disadvantages they face and have better chances in life.