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People that help us

June 2023

Yesterday, Reception children visited the Bus Garage as part of their topic.

Is there anyone they haven’t met?!

June 2023

Reception have had more visits from ‘people that help us’ this time a dentist and a blood doctor. The blood doctor, came in to talk to the children about how important blood is in our bodies. The children learnt about the different types of blood we have and what their functions are.

The dentist reminded us how to look after our teeth and taught some toothy facts!

June 2023

Today in Reception, one of our parents Dr Skeoch spoke about his job as a anaesthetist at Harefield Hospital.

The children had the opportunity to learn about the role of an anaesthetist through role play.

Specifically, they looked at and held a model of the heart and learnt about controlling breathing during an operation.

June 2023

Today, as part of the children’s topic ’People that help us’ the Fire Brigade visited Reception children. Due to a real mission that needed attending to, sadly only R Bond were lucky enough to meet the fire fighters. Hopefully they’ll come back again very soon to see R Potter and R Carle.

June 2023

All the emergency services have been out in force this week at St John Fisher! Today the Police visited. Such a practical and informative experience for the children. We thank them for spending the time with the us.