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Winter Wonderland Disco 2019

Winter Wonderland Disco 2019

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Wonderful moments captured across our two disco's

Winter Wonderland Disco Wonderful Memories

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If you would like any of the wonderful memories from this video for yourselves, then please pause the video and make a note of the exact 'time' on the paused frame of the pictures.

Please note: these pictures were taken by a parent who kindly donated her time throughout the evening to capture moments across both discos. We are not charging for these pictures, but if you would like to make a small donation as a thank you, then we'd be ever so grateful. Every penny raised goes directly to the School PTA Fund!

When requesting your pic, it's really important that we have the following details: Your name, your child's name, their class, and the 'time(s)' of any pics you would like.
If you are leaving a donation, please do so at the school office with the above details.

Otherwise, please contact 'Cris' directly, at or on 07809551025.

And of course, you can always contact us via the 'SJF Friendly enquiry form' on the Friends Homepage. Please remember to include the above information if you do!