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Year 5 Museum Takeover Day

This month, Year 5 had the amazing opportunity to participate in a National initiative to take over a local museum.  As a year group, we made an initial visit to Headstone Manor and Museum to choose our room and artefacts.

After we had carefully gathered information, we worked in pairs to prepare a speech that we would memorise.  This took time and patience but we couldn't wait!

Eventually, the day arrived for us to show the public how hard we had worked.  We couldn't wait to perform!  The time passed quickly and we felt very grown-up in our first job. 

Our parents, teachers and visitors to the museum were so impressed by all the knowledge we acquired. Most of all, we were proud of ourselves and hope to do it again one day.

Thank you to our teachers, parents and the team at Headstone Manor and Museum.


Amelia and Tom