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Gallery: 2018-19

Our Garden of Awe and Wonder

The Garden of  Awe and Wonder is intended to be a place for prayer, quiet reflection and mindfulness as well as a place to learn. All children have been involved in the design phase and now a dedicated Awe and Wonder team are being mobilised.

Work has been undertaken during class time, during lunch and at the weekends, the parish and wider community are involved in this wonderful project.

It is envisaged that the space is multi-functional: to be used for prayer, class Collective Worship and reflection as  well as the livelier cross-curricular aspects including science, humanities, art, english, maths and more….

The children have been very clear as to what they would like to see included in their garden and we are moving forward at a pace to realise their dream.

Well done to Dr Andrews and her team for all their hard work- it's lovely to see the garden taking shape.

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