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Fund Raising for Buburi Clinic

We have chosen  Buburi Health Clinic in West Kenya to be our Global Partnership. The Clinic was founded by four nurses in 2005. Noreen Collins, one of the nurses involved with the clinic visited our school and talked to the children about life in Buburi.  She showed pictures and explained how far families have to travel to see a doctor and attend school.

We have been involved in several fund raising projects for the clinic.  We raised money to buy bicycles for community nurses to enable them to reach families far from the clinic. We have also enabled the clinic to buy chickens that will provide eggs for the community. Their most recent fund raising project has been to pay for a midwife for the community.

Miss Durrant and Mrs O'Brien organised a 'Baby Quiz' - staff had to be matched from their baby picture! A stationery sale was held at lunchtimes.  £400 has been sent to The Friends of Buburi to support this cause.

Many thanks to the generosity of our families for their support for this very worthy cause.