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Criterion Theatre

As part of the Verse vs Verse project, Year 5 children visited the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly for a poetry slam.  Six children performed their poems on stage in front of nine other schools, parents and staff.

We are excited to announce that the award for the "Best Poetry Writers" was won by one of the groups from St John Fisher School.

The winning group was "The Marvellous Messengers." Congratulations to the winners and also to our other performers "The Endangered Poets."

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was a wonderful opportunity to visit such a famous London theatre.


" I enjoyed going onto the stage in the theatre and I liked the atmosphere."

" I liked cheering on our groups that were performing."

" I liked watching all the other school performing and cheering them on." 


Many thanks to Mrs Hinds and the Year 5 staff for organising this event. We look forward to more exciting activities in Year 6.