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A very big thank you to all those who kindly donated hats, scarves, gloves, UHT milk and nuts to the refugees in Calais.  Mrs Doheny, a year 6 parent, who is also a  volunteer for Care4Calais, organised the collection and delivery to Calais, Brussels and Dunkirk.  

Mrs Doheny sent this message to families:


“Thank you for your support and generous donations which I took with me to Calais. They were so gratefully received – the need is huge and every little thing makes a big difference. The opportunity to chat, listen, laugh and feel heartbroken by the refugees’ stories will be with me forever – people like us but born in different countries where they are not safe to live. Thanks again for all your support.”


Many thanks to our Catholic Life Ambassadors for their help with this worthwhile project.


Pope Francis said: “We have a duty toward our brothers and sisters who, for various reasons, have been forced to leave their homeland: a duty of justice, of civility and of solidarity.”