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Assembly at The Tate Modern

6C were invited to take part in an annual assembly alongside other London schools in at a 'take-over' of the Tate Gallery's  Blavatnik building.  The assembly focused on the future and value of art, and looked at  why we study art in schools.  The pupils took part in group activities using art as a resource.


"We thought that the Tate Modern Assembly was a great experience and learnt about the different types of art work.  We also learnt about the similarities of different types of art.  We had a chance to make our own personalised cardboard house, we could make it colourful so it would stand out.  There was a long piece of fabric where we could draw and design our unique things to describe ourselves."

"A poet talked to us about a spoken word and we enjoyed looking at sand castles made out of couscous! We learnt a lot about different pieces of art which all had a different meaning.  We all enjoyed the Tate Modern and would love to go again."


Thank you to Mrs Hinds for arranging this opportunity.